Ad Libido, VAULT Festival

by guest critic Amy Toledano

Part cabaret, part one woman show, part stand up, Ad Libido is the hilarious story of Fran Bushe and her journey to fixing sex. Completely honest, this show breaks the taboo around female sexuality and the way in which more often than not, it is swept under the rug and deemed unimportant.

Fran wants to enjoy sex, and she is doing everything she can to do so. She is seeking medical help, staying up late googling possible solutions, getting “assistance” from her male friends and even attending Sex Camp. But nothing seems to work for her. And as much as she tries, people seem to tell her that its just not an urgent medical condition and she is made to feel like her issue is not important at all.

Totally relatable, (especially by women) this show is not only highly entertaining, but incredibly important. Bushe is not afraid to openly explore themes that are rarely seen in modern theatre, but normalises them, making everyone feel comfortable and understand that women enjoy and value sex just as much as men.

Brilliantly crafted and delivered this show is an absolute must-see.

Ad Libido runs through 25 February.

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