The Very Important Child, VAULT Festival

by guest critic Amy Toledano

It feels a little strange writing a review of this wonderfully absurd piece because I don’t think any two people could have the same opinion of it. In my case, I fell in love with this movement-driven show. The nine stages of the ego is the centre point of the entire play but we never know what direction we are going to be taken in next.

Performers Christopher Preece and Virginia Scudeletti make up The Very Important Child and begin by explaining where the 9 stages come from through a cute little song, accompanied by Preece’s piano accordion.

It is from here we are launched into a world where anything goes and where Scudeletti’s brilliant movement skills are showcased. Another notable mention needs to go to the lengthy stretch of darkness in which we listen in to the pair’s conversation about what they would like to “dress up as”. You are drawn in by a long movement segment in which both actors stand on blocks and use their experience in Laban movement technique to show us a higher level of the ego.

It is impossible to predict the kind of show you’re going to see when walking into the space, but The Very Important Child is totally entertaining, hilarious and loads of fun. By the end I want to jump up and join in with them.

The Very Important Child runs through 25 February.

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