Zeraffa Giraffa, Little Angel Theatre

Atir is a young boy living in Egypt, working as a servant to The Pasha. When the ruler wants to send a gift of a baby giraffe to the King of France, he asks Atir to take her. An adventurous journey ensues as the pair make their way from Cairo to Paris in this surprisingly complex narrative for children.

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Damned Rebel Bitches, Traverse Theatre

By guest critic Liam Rees

Damned Rebel Bitches is a real joy to watch thanks, in no small part, to Tina Gray’s delightful portrayal of Ella, a no-nonsense, free-spirited, gin-loving octogenarian. It tells Ella’s life story, from surviving the Clydeside Blitz and falling in love, to saving her feckless grandson’s failing marriage in the middle of Hurricane Sandy. By writer and director Sandy Thomson, this transatlantic epic about survival in the face of disaster doesn’t have any time for tired stereotypes. It’s definitely a breath of fresh air.
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The Fall, Royal Court

By guest critic Nastazja Somers

Oh Dionysus, as someone who grew up in Poland I really do miss political theatre. The real thing, you know? The thing that grabs you, makes you stand up and cheer for the performers. The thing that forces you to scream inside and ask yourself “Fuck, fuck, fuck, why are people so blind to this?” And by political theatre I do not mean Brexit plays or Donald Trump plays. I am talking about the kind of theatre that makes you question everything and makes you want to understand more. The kind of theatre that comes from the heart and the gut. 

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