Ivy & Joan, for everything theatre

“Ivy sits in the staff canteen at the hotel where she lived and ran a cocktail bar for 40 years. She whiles away the time before a bus will take her to a new life in her friend Inky’s spare room after losing her job, pontificating to Vic, who is there to ensure she boards that bus and leaves for good.

“Joan sits at her kitchen table with husband Eric, reminiscing over their recent holiday to Venice. Eric is annoyed at her constant mispronunciations whilst Joan romanticises their experiences. They are both waiting for taxis. Eric’s will take him to a new job near his mother’s and Joan’s will take her back to a psychiatric facility where she is receiving treatment for an unstated mental illness.

The production consists of two separate one acts featuring the same performers, Lynne Miller and Jack Klaff. Both are seasoned performers and excellent to watch…Both plays certainly address important issues but could have been investigated more in-depth if they were full-length and featured more of the male perspective…

“Both Ivy and Joan are victims of their age and gender…

“There is little action in either play. The writing style is akin to Chekhov or Bennett. There are some lovely moments of witty bantering, but these are few. Despite outstanding performances, the playlets feel underdeveloped.”

Intention: ☆☆☆

Outcome: ☆

Star Rating: ☆☆

Read the entire review on everything theatre: http://everything-theatre.co.uk/2015/01/ivy-joan-jermyn-street-theatre-review.html


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