Girl Code, VAULT Festival


by Amber Pathak

Is money everything? This is the topic of this Girl Code, a stand-up panel show hosted by the amazing Sikisa. Each show features hilarious up-and-coming women comedians, doing a warm-up set and then moving straight on to the debate. It’s like the Wright stuff, except it has jokes. All of the acts on the bill absolutely smashed their sets; the thin midday crowd roar with laughter at every other line.

Finding a line up consisting of only women is like finding a unicorn. Not only is it incredibly rare (yes, even in London), it’s also something I want to shout from the rooftops and tell all my friends to go and see. Each comic has their own distinct voice and style of delivering comedy. Isn’t it ‘crazy’, when more than one woman is on stage in a woman-led production that there’s so many different perspectives? It’s impressive to see such range between everyone without having any *ahem* alternative acts.

Now these are no trained experts – well, most of them aren’t. So if you are seeking genuine advice on how to get out of debt maybe visit Citizens Advice first, then you will have enough money to watch this show every month.

Sikisa never fails to entertain. A highly experienced comic with enough professional credits to fill a full sized CV, I have no doubt we will be seeing much more of her to come.

Girl Code runs every month at 2Northdown in Kings Cross.

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