Superhoe, Royal Court

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by Romy Foster

Nicôle Lecky’s play is an 85-minute, one-woman emotional tornado. She rip-roars across the stage as Sasha Clayton, a typical hell-raising London girl who is 24 and feels like she’s going nowhere with her life. (Hello, did someone say relatable?) Sasha is an aspiring musician who finds herself at a loss and becomes homeless when her ‘perfect’ family kick her out and move to Kent. It’s at this point that she beings to slip into the seemingly enticing world of sex work and the luxuries that come with it.

Led down a dangerous path by new friend Carly, Sasha finds herself in unfamiliar territory. She is exploited and left vulnerable and scared, which seems so different from her “I’ll kick you in the cunt” attitude at the beginning. Despite the odds, she finds herself help and manages to get her head above water again.

Although a seemingly gruesome story, scenes are broken up with catchy songs and raps (written by Lecky and The Last Skeptik) depicting her ‘premium pussy’, providing much needed comic relief.

Essentially, Superhoe is a story about losing and then finding yourself again. Lecky also  takes us on a journey through our warped view of social media and what it means to be a dreamer. Her performance is electric, engaging and impressive with her stamina and fast-paced multi-rolling. She really is a superhero in her own right.

Superhoe runs through 16 February.

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