Breakfast, VAULT Festival

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by guest critic Lara Alier

Visual poetry, movement and live music. Words that float and linger in the air like these two performers in the space.

Marah Stafford and Nicolas Hart perform a physical theatre piece devised from the poems of Jacques Prévert. The whole show is accompanied by Ben Murray on the accordion and piano.

Powerful pieces of choreography are well-used to tell a love story.  It feels like following the relationship of this couple through an hour-long ballad rather than a conventioanlly told story. I enjoy small details such as milk being poured into coffee and it’s tiny whirling dance.

Despite of the striking balancing poses, this production is like walking through wheat field in south France.  The whole piece is painted beige.  Reactions are too subtle, intentions are unclear, and movements aren’t executed to their full extension. With more strength and character, it would be genuinely hilarious.

The lighting design is excellent and the atmosphere is intimate yet welcoming. With bolder, physical choices and more exploration of the theatrical material, this piece has a lot of potential.

Breakfast runs through 18 February.

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