Blackout, VAULT Festival

by guest critic Lara Alier

Uber, happy hour, Tinder, late night cheesy chips are all part of the vocabulary of a Londoner’s life. So are two complete strangers waking up next to each other. Usually one of them will remember, and even find a blurred picture of you both at 4 am surrounded by empty glasses. Yet neither has any memories of the night before.

While he sees fate and passion, she questions if this rom-com scene is actually the product of a spiked drink. These two opposite takes of the same event, open a crude dialogue which makes us reflect on gender identity.

The traverse stage helped to achieve the level of intimacy that is required for this piece. The design of the space is brilliant, and the use of parallel lines between the actors makes us feel as if we are watching a delicate tennis match. Even though it isn’t a piece of forum theatre, we feel invited to really explore the situation as if we are one of the characters.

Blackout runs through 4 February.

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