Ladyface, VAULT Festival

by guest critic Amy Toledano

Highly inventive, energetic and hilarious, Ladyface has every element that a good comedy show should. This one-woman sketch show introduces us to a range of characters, from a rich bratty child who hates poor people, to a quirky girl and her pet prawn, to a poet who performs poetry about her various ailments. Ladyface (aka Lucy Farrett) brings them all along for the ride.

Upon entering the space, Ladyface is already sitting on stage with a box over her head which had me guessing immediately. By her side was a stack of boxes with different names on them, which we soon come to learn are the names of the characters she plays.

Not only is this show slick, fresh and highly polished, there are loads of little touches which make the show even better. For example, most of the props used seem to be made from pieces of rubbish.

A special mention needs to be made to her incredible impersonation of Audrey Hepburn in which she hosts her own “How To” segment and teaches us how to do things, such as eat an apple and sing “Old McDonald”.

This show is totally engaging, and has me laughing the whole way through. Farrett’s comedy genius is definitely a force to be reckoned with, and she is one to watch in the future.

A show for anyone who loves to laugh, it will have you not only loving these kooky characters, but rooting for them as well.

Ladyface runs through 4 February.

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