Tiny Dynamite, Old Red Lion Theatre


by an anonymous guest critic

This is a a tender and beautiful play that, within moments, makes you question why it hasn’t been staged in over 15 years.

Perhaps its Zoe Spurr’s brilliant lighting that draws you in to this fantasy nightmarish world, or the undeniably brilliant acting. But David Lougmair’s production is slick and sophisticated, with each scene so excellently filled with tension you find yourself immersed in this emotional roller coaster.

The story mainly centres around two childhood friends – “shy girl” Luce and “rat boy” Antony, who share a secret they use to threaten and attack each other at every opportunity. The audience quickly learn the pair are bound by the memory of a freak accident – Antony was struck by lightning at the age of six. But it’s the introduction and presence of Madeleine that proves to be the most challenging event in their relationship so far, altering their perceptions of one and other and themselves.

Abi Morgan’s script delivers some wistfully excellent lines, with moments of light comedic relief woven throughout. Though, the text is one that is so beautifully nuanced you question if it is perhaps better suited to screen. On the other hand, its this simplicity that is embodied by each of the actors (Niall Bishop, Tanya Fear, Eva-Jane Willis) that makes it such a compelling production, providing the ability to tell the story whilst saying nothing.

It’s these moments of excellence that are very rare to find in British theatre today and Tiny Dynamite certainly delivers.

Tiny Dynamite runs through 3 February.

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