All By Myself, VAULT Festival

by Zahid Fayyaz

This one-person show one uses technology to a great degree, with its story of a vlogger living through some form of disaster that has left her by herself, with only access to technology and a dwindling food/drink supply. This had obvious parallels with the
lockdowns during the Covid pandemic, and is certainly a situation the audience is able to empathise with.

The story is mostly silent, as the protagonist tries to create online content with her limited means. These sections are mixed in with pre-recorded and live edited scenes on the screen. They demonstrate the protagonist’s videos that she made during the lockdowns. These do all come together to a very good conclusion.

Its hard to go into too many details without spoiling key moments, but the set and props are very eye-opening, framing the locked down nature of the show and isolation effectively. The lack of dialogue does make it hard to fully connect with the show, but it certainly is thought-provoking, and makes people think about isolation and how society can adapt to such extreme circumstances.

All By Myself runs through 12 February.

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