The Laundry, Drayton Arms Theatre

by guest critic Amy Toledano

The Laundry is a lovely collaboration of writing by 15 Degrees Theatre that explores womanhood across many generations and across many cultures. Travelling across Europe from Russia, the play begins with two sisters and ends in three stories that will have you wanting to ring your mum the minute it ends.

Starting in the mid-nineties, this show is a flash of memories, mainly belonging to Ava (Fiona Watson) a now-old woman in a care facility who is visited by her granddaughter and has her life relived before her.

A simple story that shows a side of mother-daughter relationships often forgotten, The Laundry uses a non-linear style that keeps the audience alert and connected to this familiar tale.

The stage is stunning what with candles, Russian ornaments and clothes dressing the set simply and beautifully. Costume design is also well thought out, with each character having their own unique style that clearly defines them.

The actors have a real talent for accents, as they move seamlessly from Russian, to British to Dutch to American. Ensuring that all the accents are entirely believable defines and specifies each character with real intent.

The Laundry is an emotional tale with strong ideals of womanhood and motherhood that pulsate throughout.  The stellar cast carries the story with the courage and grace it needs to bring it to a touching close.

The Laundry ran until 21 July.

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