A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Wilton’s Music Hall


By an anonymous guest critic

Wilton’s Music hall is dressed beautifully by Eleanor Field with a minimalist, grey tone design and little set. This is the Faction’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, featuring an ensemble of seven actors playing all the parts.

A difficult task to some, however director Mark Leipacher’s cleverly uses Ben Jacob’s lighting design to shift locations on this simplistic set. The cast are dressed in modern day clothing and neutral colours, making it initially difficult to place the setting of the play and engage with in the opening scenes. Though the text is handled wonderfully, you begin to question if this is the entire concept of the evening’s production.

Nonetheless, the energy is quickly found with the lovers – Laura Evelyn provides constant comedy with her clumsy mannerisms as Helena, which is beautifully contrasted by Lowri Izzard’s fierce Hermia. Alongside their male companions, the audience are quick to be enchanted by their journey that’s often interrupted by intelligent movement sequences created by Richard James-Neale.

The play’s true essence is found in the second act. Christopher Hughes brings absolute magic to the role of Bottom, which has the audience in fits of hysterics that  climax as the performers act out ‘Pyramus and Thisbe’.

The Faction celebrates it’s tenth birthday this year and this is a brilliant production to celebrate it with – a bold and exciting take on a well-known play guaranteed to leave you entertained.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream runs through 30 June.

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