Inside Pussy Riot, Saatchi Gallery


by guest critic Maeve Campbell

The performance begins on entering the Saatchi Gallery, and we are asked to fill out questionnaires on preferences of social action. These are then used to tailor our experiences of the performance. We are led into a clinical waiting room, briefed and provided with balaclavas and protest signs. From there we are taken on a journey through Pussy Riot’s experience of the Russian judicial system and labour camps they were subjected to after they stormed Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Moscow in 2012.

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Last Man Standing, TheatreN16


By guest critic Nastazja Somers

Theatre N16 has set up the First Credit initiative in order to help drama school graduates land their first gig in a paid, professional environment, something that proves nearly impossible for most people when they first enter this industry. This year’s First Credit particularly suits the mood of our society at present, as Last Man Standing depicts a story of a group of young people from Yorkshire during World War I.

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