Troilus & Cressida, everything theatre

“A single, long table spans the width of the stage, brightly decorated for a party. As the sixteen strong cast conga in and fill the stage, there is clearly something to celebrate. The Trojans are winning the war and Troy is having a party…

“…Pandarus is Cressida’s camp, matchmaking uncle, well played by Matt Butcher. His performance is the best of the production. Troilus (Nicholas Farr) and Cressida (Colette O’Rourke) follow, with a genuine portrayal of young love and devotion…

“The entire cast is onstage for the whole performance, making transitions instant and effectively enhancing the setting…Due to the extensive cuts, fast pace and the constant presence of the ensemble, the smaller roles are rather indistinct…

“Other standout performances come from Charlotte Mafham as Cassandra and CJ de Mooi as Thersites…The rest of the cast deliver the language fluidly and skillfully. Director Ricky Dukes certainly knows how to choose performers with an innate sense for Shakespeare’s linguistic nuances.

“Dukes is an accomplished director, having been running Lazarus Theatre Company for several years. He is committed to approaching and reinventing Shakespeare for modern audiences…If you want to see high-quality, cutting edge fringe Shakespeare, see one of his productions…”

Read the entire review on everything theatre here.

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