Mugs Arrows, everything theatre

“…Visually striking yet incredibly simple, it immediately creates tension that carries on through the entire play and keeps the audience watching. The lights then come up on two men tensely playing a game of darts without speaking…As dialogue slowly starts, we gather that the two have just been to the funeral of a dear friend…Both Rhys King (Pat) and Eddie Elks (Ed) are clearly excellent performers who can skilfully use naturalism to create highly developed characters.

“What you perceive to be true is turned upside down when Sarah (Chiara Wilde) enters in a wedding dress and joins in darts game. Rather than a funeral, Pat and Ed have lost their best mate another way…With an inevitable violent end and convincing stage combat by Lyndall Grant, I thought the play had ended.

“But, no! Writer Eddie Elks surprises us. A final, joyfully weird scene takes everything you perceive to be real within the action and turns it upside down. You will leave with a head full of questions, but truly innovative theatre will have that effect...Whilst an incredible show for theatre folk, those who like their theatre conventional and commercial would struggle to watch this play…

“Go see this show before it closes if cutting edge independent theatre is your thing.”

Read the entire review here on everything theatre.

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