Love Me or I’ll Kill Myself, VAULT Festival

by Zahid Fayyaz

This is a fascinating one-woman show, aptly timed for the valentines season, exploring facets of love and obsession. Following Faith, expertly played by Faith Brandon, in her quest for love, this is a highly entertaining and compelling look at one woman’s descent into obsession.

There are two strands to this story: one with Faith recounting her life and ill-fated romance with a Spanish man, and the second one involving the audience, in which she picks an unsuspecting member of the front row to fall in love with. Both strands
are weaved in and out of each other wonderfully. The performance from Faith is kinetic, with dancing and singing at humorously surprising moments. There is also a fair amount of audience interaction, but thankfully the chosen subjects were game with playing along with the requests from Faith.

I don’t want to ruin any of the show’s surprises, but the set and props are used with precision extremely well, and with a low budget and small space. The serious bits don’t quite hit as hard as they should, as they come out of nowhere, but it’s an extremely entertaining piece overall, with a great performance.

Love Me or I’ll Kill Myself runs through 10 February.

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