An Abundance of Tims, King’s Head Theatre

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by guest critic Amy Toledano

Shepard Tone Theatre Company’s An Abundance of Tims is a rather strange one-man show that feels like exactly what it claims to be – a story all about Tim and the misadventures he and his two speaker companions (also both played by Tim) have.

Arriving in the fictional town unsurprisingly called Timchester, Tim is welcomed by the locals with open arms and given gifts and free accommodation for reasons no-one (including Tim) understands. A case of mistaken identity and a secret that Tim has been hiding throughout reveals why Tim is is well-known in Timchester.

While this show attempts to self-deprecate and remind the audience that this is a completely self-indulgent show, Tim Chapman cannot quite execute this the way he wants to. The show ends up feeling long-winded, confusing and sadly, not very funny.

Many of the jokes don’t land, often due to technical issues with the speakers, or lines being wrong and cutting other lines off. It is a shame that this piece, that feels like it is building to a strong feminist ending, actually leads the audience to an incredibly open ended message that falls short of whatever it is trying to do.

In a time when theatre is progressing every day, it is sad to see a show with such potential turn out to be another white, male-centred narrative that alienates much of its audience.

An Abundance of Tims runs through 8 July.

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